FeetDreams Video Clips and Streams


January 2011: FeetDreams Videos at Clips4Sale. At long last I'm posting clips from my videos at Clips4Sale. I will be posting entire videos, in 5-10 minute segments, so you can get a good sampling without paying a lot of money. The first videos to go up are the ones people are requesting. Feel free to email me with your request.

In addition to my existing videos, I will also be going through unedited footage and making clips from them. They are unedited in the sense that they have not yet been made into videos. I WILL edit them for the clip store, although they will not necessarily not be finished off into final videos.

At the same time, videos appearing on the C4S store will be mastered for DVDs. If you see a video in the store that you'd like to buy as a DVD, come back here and order it.

Streaming at AEBN

Streaming Foot Videos Online at AEBN.   I only have a couple of Feet Dreams vidoes at AEBN, but you if you're looking for more foot action, this is the place to get it.

You can watch the entire movie or individual scenes. You can fast forward, rewind, pause or stop the movie anytime you want to.  Watching on-line movies is easy, and best of all, no one will know what you're doing.

1.  Click here to get a free User Name and Password.

2.  Purchase a Time Package or Rent the movie

•  Time Packages —Time Packages are available from 15 to 300 minutes — with rates as low as 10 cents a minute.  With your Time Package, you can watch entire videos or parts of many different ones (not just FeetDreams videos either; more than 10,000 other adult videos).  The choice is yours.  Your minutes never expire and as long as you have time remaining in your Time Package, you can watch movies.  When you need more time, you can easily add more to your account.

•  Renting Movies  — If you know you just want to watch one video in its entirety, rather than getting a Time Package, you can simply rent that particular video.  You'll have 48 hours to watch it as many times as you like.  You may also choose to rent a video for a week, or for as long as 30 days.  Again, the choice is yours.

3.  Click Here To Start Watching Foot Videos