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VIEW FDV-39 Terry Tears up the Turf In this video, Terry tries to drive away in a '69 Malibu. But after heavy rains, the Pennsylvania clay soil was very slippery. Both rear wheels get stuck. Wearing a shift, pantyhose, and high heeled pumps, she tries to ease out. When she guns the engine, and the tires spin so hard they smoke. After a while, the car starts to stall everytime it has to strain even a little bit. When she gets out to inspect the wheels, her shoe sticks in the mucky ground and her foot gets dirty. The car is flooded by now, which aggravates the situation. After a lot of cranking, spinning, and stalling, someone comes by to help. He jacks up the car and puts a board under the wheel. It still doesn't work, because the other wheel is stuck. Finally, after one more stallout, Terry leaves in disgust. OUTTAKES: The owner of the car tried to get it out of the rut and back into the garage, but even he couldn't manage. He had to wait until the next day when the ground dried out. Listen to him and his wife bickering about proper ways to start a flooded car. Approx. 30 min. $39
VIEW FDV-40 Kiana Li Jumps the Tempest Kiana Li, an Asian in shiny pantyhose and high heel sandals, needs to drive to work in the '64 Tempest, but its battery is dead. Her boyfriend left his '66 Chrysler New Yorker in the driveway, so she decides to use it to jump the Tempest. A voyeur from across the yard comes over to help her, but the New Yorker keeps stalling. She tries the Tempest again, but the battery is still too weak. She changes into flip-flops, while still wearing the stockings. She goes back to the New Yorker to start it up again. It keeps stalling, but eventually starts. Then she leaves to let it charge up the Tempest. When she comes back, still in the thongs, she tries the Tempest, but its battery isn't charged up enough to turn over, so she gives up and goes back inside.

This video is available on DVD (DVD-R format). The DVD includes a slideshow of photographs from the video. The cost of the DVD is $49, and will show that price in the shopping cart.

VIEW FDV-37 Sybil Muffs the Tempest Sybil, well-endowed in a pinstripe miniskirt and jacket, wears ankle-banded stillettos, her long legs bare. She pumps the pedal and tries to start the '64 Tempest, but she pumps so much she floods the engine. Sometimes she uses her left foot on the gas. It finally starts, and she revs a little (we see the exhaust) before putting it in gear. But she's not good with the clutch and the car stalls out. She repeats this a couple of times. She leaves it in gear, and turns the key, muffing it that way a couple of times before she figures out the problem. Now she floods it again, for some more long cranking before it starts. But she still can't get the feel of using the clutch. After 20 minutes, she leaves, and comes back later, this time in suspendered shorts and high heeled sandals. We watch more flooding and frustration. She cranks and pumps,placing her whole shoe on the big pedal. Sometimes she uses her left foot, and sometimes both feet. It starts a few times, but she muffs it each time. The battery finally weakens towards the end, so she gives up, slams the door, and walks away. Approx. 40 min. $39
VIEW FDV-23 Jacqui's Junker Jacqui has to drive the '64 Tempest to school. She's wearing RHT seamed stockings and strappy heels, which reveal her red toenails. It is a cold day, and she struggles to get it to turn over. She cranks it hard, but all that pumping just keeps flooding it. The battery gets drained, so she asks you for help. Once the battery is cabled over to another car, she can keep cranking. The battery still gets weaker, and she eventually concedes and asks for a ride. Even though the battery weakens, there is much more strong cranking in this video than dying battery. You get to see Jacqui's face and the linkage working under the hood as she pumps the pedal; also the exhaust puffing out of the tailpipe while watching her face through the windshield. Approx. 40 min. $39
VIEW FDV-27 Jacqui's Junker II Jacqui struggles with the '64 Tempest again. She's wearing RHT seamed stockings and black strappy heels, with red toenails. She cranks it hard, but all that pumping just keeps flooding it. The more she pumps, the more it floods. She thinks opening the hood will help dry out the flooding, and eventually she tries just holding the pedal down. This works, and the car eventually starts. She revs it, but when she lets off the gas, it stalls. Finally, she keeps it going, and will be able to make her appointment. This video, like the original Jacqui's Junker, show lots of views of her through the windshield, and exhaust coming out of the tailpipe. Approx. 30 min. $39
VIEW FDV-02 Mustang Cindy Cindy's Mustang convertible has been impounded for a week, and when she picks it up, it won't start. After cranking and cranking, the battery dies. The guy at the yard helps her out, but it it keeps stalling and the battery keeps wearing down. Finally she decides to give it rest while she cools down. She plays with the car's controls with her long bare toes before propping her feet up for a foot show. She starts the car up once more, but this time she revs it for several minutes, and she's finally able to take off. Approx. 30 min. $39
VIEW FDV-12 Spinning in the Snow Terry backs her '89 Honda out of the garage into 6 inches of snow, and gets stuck in the driveway. She's wearing jeans and clogs on her bare feet. She tries rocking the car, going forward and backward, back and forth, but the tires just spin, spraying snow until they reach the gravel driveway, and spit dirt and gravel out. She puts cardboard under the tires, but it still won't go. Then she uses a snow shovel to dig snow away, but the snow has been there too long, and the ground is frozen, so the wheels just spin. Her feet get cold, and she takes off the clogs a few times to rub her bare toes. She finally gives up. (Nothing was faked for this video.) Approx. 35 min. $39
VIEW FDV-17 Roxanne's Stubborn Starter Roxanne, in a summer dress, RHT stockings, garters, and strappy high heels, promised to drive her boyfriend's restored truck to a car show. She is tall enough to reach the pedals, but didn't realize the floor starter was so stiff. She pushes and pushes, and eventually it starts to turn the engine. She barely has time to get to the gas pedal to keep it going, but then she plays with the choke, and it dies on her. This happens over and over until she suspects it's flooded. So she gets out of the car to stretch her legs a little, and when she tries again, it finally runs. Some cranking, some stalling, some revving, and lots of gorgeous legs from this pretty blonde. Approx. 40 min. $39
VIEW FDV-31 High Arched Cranker Katie Jordon is ready to party in a tight dress, red high heels and bare legs. The Tempest won't start. She takes it easy at first, slowly pumping the pedal. After a while she gets more agressive with the cranking and pumping. Reaching for the pedal makes her really stretch those legs and her naturally high arches arch even higher. So high you can see her sole while her foot is still totally in the shoe. Finally her neighbor comes home from work and offers to help. He looks under the hood, but can't fix the car. In the end, she abandons the Tempest and leaves with her neighbor. The battery and starter hold up well throughout the entire video until the last minute when the battery finally weakens. Katie Jordan is definitely hot. Approx. 30 min. $39
VIEW FDV-34 Cranking Up the Tempest Talia Monet is sitting in the living room with her nice bare feet propped up on the coffee table. Terry walks in and asks her to get the car started and to warm it up. She goes outside in her bare feet and tries to start the old '64 Tempest. It doesn't turn over. After several attempts, she gets out the owner's manual to see what she's doing wrong. Still, it won't start. It's flooded. She keeps trying, and consults the manual again, which tells her to hold the pedal to the floor. By this time though, the battery is wearing down. She's nervous about killing Terry's car, and tries and tries to get it going, even taking a small break and propping her feet out the window. Finally, she gives up and goes back in the house. Half an hour after shooting this video, Terry asks Talia to try to start it again so she can charge up the battery before calling it a day. In this outtake, sure enough, the carburetor is no longer flooded, the battery has charged itself up a little bit, and the car starts. Talia rubs and revs the engine for a little while and we see her do some more barefoot pumping, making exhaust come out of the tailpipe over her sandals on the ground. Approx. 30 min. $39
VIEW FDV-35 Private Pedal Performance Katie Jordon play a grand piano in this first piano video from FeetDreams. She sits down in a tight black dress, wearing pantyhose and white slingbacks. She bends down and slips off the right shoe to work the piano pedal with her shoeless foot (the other shoe stays on). She improvises with her own music for a half an hour. We get camera angles from all directions, closeups and full body views, and even from the point of view of the pedal: her foot comes right onto the camera as if you are the pedal, and she looks right into your eyes. Approx. 30 min. $39
VIEW FDV-36 Double Clutch Terry learns to drive the '48 International truck. Wearing mules, barelegged, with red nail polish, Terry drives for 45 minutes while her friend coaches her on how to shift the old truck. They drive through the countryside with hills and stops. This old vehicle requires double-clutching, so there's lots of two-foot pedal action. There is a little bit of cranking and stalling at the beginning as she starts the truck using the floor peg-style starter, but mostly it's lots of driving, lots of shifting, and lots of closeup and leg action. Approx. 45 min. $39
VIEW FDV-01 The Clunker Terry borrows a 73 Chrysler to go to an important picnic. At first she likes the idea of cruising around in an old car, and is understanding when it has a hard time starting. But on the way she stops to check directions, and can't start it up again. Finally it starts, and off she goes. Then it stalls, dead, and she has to let it cool down before it will start again. It's a hot day, she gets dirty, and wrecks her stockings, as her mood changes from upbeat to annoyed to totally ticked off. She never makes it to the picnic. Lots of cranking and pumping in heels and stockinged feet. Approx. 30 min. $39
VIEW FDV-04 Punch the Floor Starter Genuine action with an antique car! Terry is asked to drive a 48 International pickup in a classic car parade. After hosing off the truck, she tries to start it so it will warm up while she gets ready. She pushes the stiff floor starter in her bare feet, but switches back and forth to her sandals because it is so hard to press, even with both feet. She finally gets it started, and sensuously massages the gas pedal to keep it going. After she changes into seamed stockings and strappy high heels, she has to work again to start it. Finally, she's able to drive away and we see her shift the big levers and grind the gears. When she returns, she removes her heels and rubs her tired stockinged feet. Popular feet; rare original, working truck. Terry massages the pedals as only a foot fetish insider can. Approx. 45 min. $39
VIEW FDV-05 The Tempest Trish and Eva, in minis and high heeled sandals (no stockings), are going to a concert in a 64 Pontiac Tempest. It won't start. They take turns trying to start it (at one point, both of them pump the gas), until they pop the hood and fiddle with the wires. Whatever they did makes it eventually start, after turning over and dying a few times. Trish peels out of the driveway, and drives the 3-on-the-tree standard shift. We watch her work the clutch, brake and gas. Approx. 30 min. $39
VIEW FDV-06 Eva Charms the Starter Eva is taking the '48 International pickup truck for a ride for the first time, and discovers how hard it is to use a floor starter. She likes the pretty red truck, and sensuously pumps the gas pedal, and presses the starter as hard as her long legs can. She tries both feet on the starter , and later, the left foot on the gas while the right foot pushes the starter. It starts and stalls many times, until it eventually warms up and holds while she revs the engine. Finally, she engages the clutch and drives away. Great views of Eva's sexy legs in RHT seamed full fashioned stockings and strappy wedgies. Approx. 30 min. $39
VIEW FDV-07 The Pesky Packard Terry is picking up a '53 Packard for a surprise birthday gift for her father to restore. She wants to make a grand entrance in the old luxury car, but it will not start. The car has a push button starter on the dashboard, and it cranks and cranks, but the engine refuses to turn over. Terry presses the gas down hard, thinking that will help. A check under the hood is futile. Back in the car, she gets upset. She angrily stomps the gas pedal out of frustration. The starter wears down the battery, and she eventually concedes to the pesky Packard. Terry, thinner than she was in the Clunker, is barelegged in a dress and strappy high heels. This video runs a little short due to the battery dying, so we've included some footage from a second camera after the credits. Approx. 35 min. $39
VIEW FDV-08 That '70s Car This tape has it all -- cranking, revving, and speeding! Terry is meeting friends at a remote campground in the Jersey Pine Barrens in a '70 Cadillac, and the car won't start. After cranking it using 4 different pairs of thong sandals, it finally kicks over. She switches back to the pair of red brocade Chinese wedgie thongs, and spends time revving the engine to make sure it won't stall, sometimes using both feet to rev. Once on the lonely dirt road she puts the pedal to the metal to make up for lost time. When she finally gets to a stretch of paved road, she floors it and gets up to 100 MPH. (Don't miss the short outtake after the ending credits.) Approx. 35 min. $39
VIEW FDV-09 Eva Floods the Tempest Eva, in strappy heels and a short skirt showing off her fantastic long legs, can't get the '64 Pontiac Tempest started. She tries different pumping methods until the engine is hopelessly flooded. It turns over a couple of times, then dies. Eventually it starts, and she revs it a little to clean out the exhaust. She's able to keep it going long enough to drive to the other side of the parking lot, where it dies again. She gives up on it and leaves to catch a bus. This is primarily a leg and cranking video, in a 3-speed that is genuinely hard to start. Approx. 30 min. $39
VIEW FDV-10 Stranded in the Driveway Terry, in shorts and white thong sandals, wants to take the '64 Tempest out, but it won't start. She tries pumping the gas different ways, but it just doesn't start. A few times it turns over, but dies on her when she tries to release the clutch. Terry's shorts show her leg muscles flexing as she pumps the pedal. Lots of closeup shots, too. Approx. 35 min. $39
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