FeetDreams Online Store

Welcome the the FeetDreams online store. My videos are both custom videos, and spec videos, shot based on customer feedback. I am not currently shooting custom videos, but do listen to requests and try to work them in when I shoot. Pedrianna's earlier videos are also online here, and if you would like more work from Pedrianna, you can find her at Chloe's Creations. Future plans for the store include personal items worn in the videos and photo shoots.

I am now producing DVDs. As time permits, I may be remastering older videos onto DVD. These DVDs are produced on a computer, and unlike commercial DVDs, there may be compatibility issues. Please check this list to see if my DVDs have been tested on your equipment: DVD compatibility list.

Video Theatre: The video theatre is a streaming pay per view service. My videos will be available in the Video Theatre as soon as they prepare them for streaming. This means you can view a FeetDreams video, or just part of it if you like, online for very little money. Also, you can view thousands of other videos from other producers. The service is handled by a different company, so please contact them with any technical problems or questions.

Shipping: Videos are shipped via the post office, in Priority Mail boxes. The return address says simply "Terryfic.com" with a PO Box address. To further protect your privacy, credit card statements will say "Terryfic.com".