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Take the self-guided tour to see how easy FeetDreams is to navigate and view, and to check the photo quality. Every model has one sample full size pic and you get to see the first page of thumbnails of every library, and how many images in that library. The sample pic is an actual image from the libraries; the rest of them will be the same quality. All images are 600 pixels high and will vary in width. Once you become a member, you can search the entire collection of images for wrinkled soles, spread toes, red toenails, stockings, etc.

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What others are saying...

Feetdreams is the best site iv'e ever been to. You guys have the best images and best vid. clips! Your site has it all a EXCELLENT SITE all around- CANT BEAT IT!

I'm just writing you to tell you how much I enjoy your website. I have never paid for any website membership in my life, your was the first. I couldn't be more pleased. Your site is great, I always look forward to your updates. I think your models are the best! Cindy is unbelievable. I've never seen feet like that anywhere before, except perhaps in my dreams. Feetdreams -- a fitting name! Anyway, thanks again and keep up the great work.

FeetDreams continues to rock, as usual! You do such an awesome job

Hey guess what I been on for a 1/2 hr and already shot two loads off, damn

You have the most FANTASTIC foot fetish site on the entire internet!! I have belonged to other sites that I have quit since I have found you. The name FEETDREAMS fits you perfectly , as your girls have the most tantalizing wrinkled soles I could have ever even dreamed about. The opening page of your site, the fist picture I see, takes my breath away .Every model that you've shown has ultimatly gorgeous feet.Please don't ever stop,because other sites i've tried,only rip me off. One site charged my account, and I get nothing but an unauthorized page every time I try to get to the members page. Money lost. Another site would not even take my username (five in all were tried).They continued to bill me,gave me a subscription number,and when I tried to cancel said I entered an invalid number.Your way of billing is also the best.I wish there was some way to report those other sites for their dishonesty. I LOVE YOU GALS

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