Set yourself up at Feet Dreams.

1 Month (one time) -- $20
3 Months (one time) -- $45

Your Real Name and Address are required by our bank in order to process your credit card. We will not be calling you or sending mail to your house. We do not share our membership records with anyone under any circumstances, and other users will not know your real name.

User Name
Real Name
Billing Address
(where your CC statements come)
Zip (Postal Code)
A valid email address is required for you to have access. If your email account is over quota and mail can't be delivered, or if your email address is entered wrong and it bounces, there will be a delay in activating your account. Also, a good email address is necessary in case you ever forget your password -- we can have it emailed to you instantly. (If you change your email address, notify me so I can change your record.)
(Request for 3D glasses, or other comments.)


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