Welcome to the renovated FeetDreams! One of the oldest foot fetish websites on the internet has been redone to make it easier to find exactly the kind of pictures you want. The original FeetDreams was searchable, but the number of files found was impossibly huge, making it difficult to see what was there. This time, I've keyworded only a few files per model, making the results more varied. Based on your feedback, I've also created more categories so you can find more specific images. As you go through the category search, if you particularly like a certain model, you can jump directly into her library.

Adding these keywords has taken me longer than anticipated, but I wanted to launch the new site anyway. Only about half of the over 400 libraries have keywords. Over the next few months I plan to keyword the rest and make them accessible as I go.

If your membership has lapsed, go ahead and log in to renew. If you are new, sign up now!